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Merci à Michelle for this awesome blog post !

Thanks for your support !

Love thy neighbour...

good to use a little of their space, too !

Supplies !!

Bon vente du garage !!

Like a rolling stone...

Deux fois...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Défilé des Chapeaux !!

Merci à Amelie and Michelle for modeling, à Marie-Hélène pour les photos, Alek and Ewa at Peut-être for space rental, and Nikki at BakeSaleGirl for perfecting the "mint chocolate juleps".  Merci !!! Enjoy.

LC309 - "the Black Rider"
LC310 - "le troisième étoile"

LC312 - "little louis"

LC307 - "Elton"

getting ready...

Amelie practicing with "anna"

final instructions

Michelle getting ready,
"FN" series, 2 at a time !!

LC34 - "a hat for France"

Amelie modeling a "disc"

LC299 - "Norfolk"
a helmet style, with painted rhinoceros !

"helmet" style, encrusted with buttons !

LC291 - "Stella"
mini-pill with painted dinosaur.

LC195 - "le girafe"

a totally wearable hat !!!

LC307 - "Elton"

LC309 - "the Black Rider"

LC310 - "le troisième étoile"

LC310 - "little louis"

C'est moi.

backstage free for all !

occupying parc....

Gina with "the Black Rider"

Michelle sporting an "FN" series
Amelie avec "anna"
me wearing "le troisième étoile"
Gina with "the Black Rider"